Fuck Misogynists

Lauren Mayberry from Churches has again made public the kind of comments that she has to put up with as a female musician. With the release of Churches’ new video, a fairly elegant and simple film, Mayberry has seen numerous comments on a 4chan thread; many of which describe her as looking like a ‘slut’ in the video. What is 4chan by the way? I didn’t know either but, in short, it seems to be a place where gobshites go to conjugate. This isn’t the first time Lauren Mayberry has felt the need to name and shame these kind of people, she wrote an open letter for the Guardian some time back on the subject also.


Fair enough if you’re attracted to a musician, that’s always been an element of that in popular music (I’m sure Elvis’ looks didn’t harm his gaining female fans) but when did it get to the stage where guys meet in forums to tell each other how they would like to “lick her asshole sweat”. What the fuck. Grow up, be a man and stop acting like a little teenage sad-case. I completely support what female artists bring to the music scene and I stand by the opinion that many are putting out the most interesting music of late. Good music is good music. Here’s a reminder of that, including the Leave A Trace video in question –