Money walks

A new generation of young artists are taking to the stage and I’m delighted to see a theme emerging from their music – an anti-materialist attitude and a belief in artistic passion. What am I banging on about? Well, I think it’s fair to say that Lorde was the biggest breakthrough act of last year, and the central message of her album Heroine deals with a direct distaste for money and materialism. The lyrcis of the smash-hit Royals describe Lorde and her crew counting their dollars and stating they “didn’t come from money”. With a chorus that lists all the extravagence that you would except in a crap mainstream hip-hop video (diamonds, Cristal, gold teeth, jet planes…) Lorde concludes that “we don’t care, we aren’t caught up in your love affair”.

More recently, winner of the BBC Sound of 2014 list Sam Smith is set to release new single Money on My Mind on 16 Feb; with lyrics of the chorus repeating “I ain’t got money on my mind…, I do it for the love”. Furthermore, Bristolian singer-songwriter George Ezra describes in his Budapest how he would choose love over all his materials and his “many artefacts”. With this attitude raising in the next generation of artists’ music it seems the yuppies didn’t win, thank fuck.