Pure Heroines

Lorde releases her new single from upcoming album Pure Heroine. The single Team is the singer’s third, following Royals and Tennis Court. Pure Heroine is set for a 30 September release.

I blogged earlier in the year about the great things that female artists are doing on the music scene at the moment and Lorde and co. seem to be going from strength to strength. Another dark-pop mistress is MØ (who I just disappointingly discovered is pronounced ‘moo’ – like a cow?!) who followed her debut Pilgrim with this awesome track Waste of Time over the summer. Love the video too, she’s kinda crazy and sexy at the same time …

And here’s another female act that’s caught my ear lately, this is a great cover of an old country tune would you believe! Fair dews to her, this is Cousin Marnie…

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