Review: Jamie T

I was lucky enough to get gustiest for Jamie T’s gig at Alexandra Palace last night. It’s been nearly five years since Jamie T performed in London and he didn’t disappoint. Neither did his crowd actually! From the first line of the first song, new album opener Limits Lie, the crowd were singing along word-for-word. Jamie T’s music could be seen as quite risky, it pulls in elements from numerous genres and varied references and could possibly not relate enough to any one target audience, alienating all. However, his music has managed to do the exact opposite it seems. The crowd at Alexandra Palace last night ranged from mid-teen girls to 40 year old men, from Dalston hipsters to SE lager lads; all slightly weary of each other but, nevertheless, singing and dancing along to the songs of Jamie T. He also had a seriously cool half-denim/half-leather jacket.

These tracks were some of the highlights of the show –